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Autocross is a very exciting form of motorsport held at typical street and highway speeds. It emphasizes precise car control in a low-cost, friendly and safe competition. Learn and rapidly refine advanced driving skills and techniques in the non-threatening and safe environment of a course marked by traffic cones in a large parking lot. You are encouraged and coached by advanced driving instructors about the basics and the fine points of driving to the edge of your and your car's limits. Enjoy your car's handling like nowhere else and discover the fun and camaraderie of autocross. It is recommended to drive autocross before your first Drivers Education event since the skills are directly transferable.

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8:00-8:45 Registration & Course Walk
8:30-9:00 Car Tech Inspection
9:00 Drivers Meeting
9:30 First Car Off
12:00-12:30 Break & Coarse Walk
3:00-4:00 Last Runs & Trophies

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Directions to LAZ lot - Hartford

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Autocross Chairs: Randy Kudra; Paul Kudra


Upcoming Autocross

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03 May Autocross: LAZ Lot - Hartford  
13 Jun Autocross: LAZ Lot - Hartford (Saturday)  
11 Jul Autocross: LAZ Lot - Hartford (Saturday)  
09 Aug Autocross: LAZ Lot - Hartford  
12 Sep Autocross: LAZ Lot - Hartford (Saturday)  
03 Oct Autocross: LAZ Lot - Hartford (Saturday)  
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